8 Best Bicep Exercises at Gym for Bigger Arms

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8 Greatest Bicep Workouts at Fitness center for Larger Arms

00:00 Biceps Curls
00:06 Alternating Dumbbell Curl
00:37 Barbell Curls
01:04 EZ-Barbell Preacher Curl
01:32 Alternating Hammer Curl
01:59 Machine Preacher Curls
02:27 Incline Dumbbell Curls
02:51 Cable Rope Hammer Curls
03:20 Single Arm Cable Curls

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  2. There is absolutely no reason to do alternate dumbell curls.
    It is far more important to do your workout in the briefest time possible. Curl both dumbells at the same time.
    Unless of course you are on the juice. Then do whatever you want or don't even train that hard and you will still grow faster than a natty that trains all out.
    And that's the truth!

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