7 Best Exercises for BIGGER SHOULDERS and TRAPS

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7 Finest Workout routines for BIGGER SHOULDERS and TRAPS

00:06 Single Dumbbell Entrance Raises
00:34 Alternating Dumbbell Lateral Raises
01:10 Standing Barbell Entrance Elevate
01:38 Machine Lat Raises
02:12 Machine Behind-the-neck Shoulder Press
02:40 Barbell Seated Shrug
03:03 Machine Shrug

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  1. Wow this is awesome Video Creator
    I pray who ever reads this 🙏 becomes successful in future life 🙌
    really like the background music

    If you want to see if there is another channel like this New Luxurious lifestyle

  2. Probably wouldn't go behind the neck for any exercise. You can get the same, if not extremely better results from doing a standard military press, without the risk of damaging your rotator cuff.

    Stick to the basic

  3. Why are you prioritising on the front deltoid? it's very bad for the posture when the front deltoid is over developed you should focus more on the rear dealt.



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