5 Dumbest Forms of Cardio (DON’T LOOK STUPID!)

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Cardio is without doubt one of the commonest issues folks practice within the health club. That stated, there are various dumb types of cardio workouts that it is best to keep away from in case you not solely need to see your greatest outcomes however keep protected when doing it. On this video, I cowl the 5 worst types of cardio and present you how you can make every of them higher.

Battle ropes are a brand new strategy to get in your conditioning and cardiovascular coaching, however provided that you do them proper. They aren’t known as battle ropes for no motive. If you wish to get essentially the most out of this workout software you will must go to battle with the ropes. In different phrases, you might want to assault the workout with an excellent excessive depth stage. It’s okay in case you wind up slicing down the period of time you spend swinging the ropes if the commerce off is that you’re working more durable. Work more durable for a shorter time frame and you will notice extra environment friendly outcomes out of your workouts.

Treadmills, bikes and ellipticals are three widespread types of cardio that get used each single day within the health club. Their recognition shouldn’t be confused with them being one of the best factor you are able to do nonetheless. In reality, the postural errors that aren’t solely inspired however in some way potential on these machines makes them a really poor various to the equal exercise that you might be doing outdoors. Not simply that, however no one would ever argue that strolling on a stair climber is in some way more durable than strolling actual flights of stairs. Get outdoors and away from the machines and you will notice a simpler carryover in your coaching.


Tabata can be a very talked-about type of cardio. The issue right here is twofold. The train choice for utilizing your Tabata in addition to the truth that you might want to practice at a a lot greater depth throughout your interval is essential to the success because it was initially designed. The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of exercise adopted by 10 seconds of relaxation. You repeat this for a complete of 8 rounds or 4 minutes. The important thing nonetheless is that your excessive exercise ranges have to be close to your max coronary heart fee. When you select an train that’s both too straightforward or takes too lengthy to ramp up and down from, you may be costing your self the foremost advantage of the cardio protocol.

The identical might be stated for poorly designed HIIT coaching. In case your concept of HIIT is that you just carry out a max effort raise with a conditioning train interspersed, you will wind up both hurting your self or on the very least getting submaximal outcomes for each of the objectives you might be coaching for. As an alternative, focus both on power coaching or cardio however don’t attempt to do each in the identical workout. Once more, it is a very talked-about strategy to practice lately however recognition doesn’t imply protected or useful.

Lastly, jogging is a quite common type of cardio. The difficulty with jogging is that it’s smack dab in the course of sprinting and strolling, and infrequently takes on the worst traits of every. If you’re chubby and in want of cardio workout, a sluggish lengthy length stroll can be good for holding it straightforward in your joints whereas nonetheless permitting sufficient time to burn adequate energy at a decrease vitality output. Sprinting is a bit more durable on the joints however can actually ramp up the trouble and get you a greater workout quicker. Jogging has the affect of operating however is normally not lengthy sufficient to maintain the advantages of the strolling.

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  1. I agree with everything except for the jogging… Jogging is a great, GREAT cardio exercise. I tell people, jog 3 – 5 miles everyday for a year and see what happens, and then come back to me and tell me if you still think it's a silly exercise….I used to be a chubby fck who started off jogging 3miles at 10min pace, and in 1.5 years I was jogging 5miles a day at 6:50min pace. Along with my strength training, jogging keeps me lean ALL YEAR ROUND…. Sure, I can run 5miles at 5min pace, but I "jog" it at 7min pace everyday. As you improve, your definition of "jogging" will change… Cardio is relative to what your fitness goal is, as long as you do it everyday!

  2. Jogging is bad, they teach people to do it in the military, firefighters those guys look dumb.
    If "looking dumb," is your only reason why do you say, "putting the science back in strength," you could substitute this instead, "putting the narcissism back in exercising."

  3. What about running? Pretty sure it goes walking>power walking>jogging>running>sprinting. Going straight from walking to sprinting without jogging or running first sounds like a good way to tear something…

  4. I have to say I enjoy running and feel like I get great benefit from it. Any stress I feel from it fortunately gets better the more I do it. As an example of validation I need to point out marathon runners who probably run at least five miles with the first one who comes to my mind who was Johnny Kelly who ran the Boston Marathon till he was about 85 years old..? Anyone is welcome to explain how I'm seeing this wrong but humans are designed to run long distances that's why I believe there's only one other species on the planet that has sweat glands For your other points though I just want to paraphrase and say, if it feels stupid, it probably is! Love your videos though and I really appreciate how much you have on here to help me get back into the gym and go over routines and educate myself about how the body works so I don't hurt myself. Thanks for all the time you've put in and the knowledge you freely share. Just the jogging thing gets me, I love my jogging, works wonders for me from losing weight to getting my VOC up so my muscles can get more oxygen to work harder. Thanks again!

  5. Never been against your opinion but I believe there's some value to "failed cardio form" when you consider any exercise is an emulation of an act difficult enough to induce duress

  6. You know what I appreciate this guru is that he always remembers the biggest rule : to never Sacrifice form. I came across this channel years ago and still when I have questions about stretching, healing or wondering about exercises I come here. I truly enjoy learning from him so much I think about becoming a physical therapist.

  7. Top athletes of almost any discipline incorporate jogging and HIIT in their training programs. I think you should specify that this advice is only meant for body building and not for improving athleticism.

  8. Hi Jeff, what do you recommend instead of mixing two diff exercises ? Should i have a different routine at a different time of the day ? Or I shouldnt do the other until I achieve some amount of consistency with one routine

  9. All exercise if rubbish if not done properly with bad form or posture. I have utilised machine based cardio treadmill, cross trainer and rowing machine and got into great shape doing an hour circuit. I have also done HIIT training and found it helpful with increasing my cardio for grappling. I lost weight with all of these methods.

  10. I didn’t know people thought they were the same. I hate ridding a bike outside and I love my indoor spin bike (spin classes) 😂. I just do what I like or else I won’t keep doing it lol.

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