4 MISTAKES to AVOID When Doing RDLs (Romanian Deadlifts)

What’s up, guys!?

On this video, we’ll be going over some widespread errors to keep away from when doing doing RDLs (AKA: Romanian Deadlifts).

I personally have made ALL of those errors and am nonetheless working to enhance my type even after three years of lifting. Please do not sweat it if you end up making any of those errors! The one approach to get higher is to acknowledge the place we will make enhancements and apply! You bought this!

What different questions do you will have about RDLs?
What different exercises would you want a video like this of?

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  1. Hey, guys! 👋🏼
    ✔️Make sure to check the description for other helpful videos!
    💚Leggings are Alphalete, sports bra is Gymshark
    ❓What other questions do you have about RDLs?
    What other exercises would you like me to make videos like this for?

  2. Fitness novice here! What do you recommend I do with my feet? Should they be pouting dead ahead, angled out a bit, or does it matter? I’m trying to get a serious burn in my glutes, if that makes a difference

  3. Thank you for showing me this me and my mom work out and I asked her how to do this but she got mad at me cause she already explained it to me but she complains I never listen to her so I really appreciate you explaining these simple things 🥲💜💜💜💜✌🏼

  4. thank you so much for this!!! i used to do my RDLs on preloaded barbells which were a lot smaller, but i got stronger and moved up to free barbells with huge weights and my form has been so bad. i couldn't figure out what was wrong. i was definitely doing mistake #1 :") it's hard to keep the barbell close to the thighs when its so heavy

    thank u!

  5. See little details like the “popping your booty” out frustrate me because to me personally?.. she looked the same on the Left and Right for the popping the booty out… only difference was obviously the looking up vs moving with the rest of your body.

  6. One of the best things I learned while perfecting my RDL’s is learning to stick out my pelvis and booty in a controlled manner in order to really get that hamstring tension without hurting my back. Best thing I did before even picking up the weights was putting my hands on my hips with my thumb facing forward and pushing my pelvis back with my feet shoulder width apart while doing the RDL motion. Not only did a neutral back help but having your feet aligned and shoulder width apart is key and this is by far my favorite exercise!!

  7. thankyou These are great tips to prvent injuries. I have really long legs so I constantly struggle with my pelvic tilt and sometimes my booty sticks out too far. I think doing this infront of a mirror or recording myself could definitely help XD

  8. Please keep up the amazing job! Your tutorials are a major part of the reason that I have so much more confidence in the gym now. People are amazed because I am a larger woman and my form is great and I am comfortable around the equipment…now! 😂🤦🏿 Baby steps! I am making progress and I want to thank you for being one of the keys to my success! Bless up! 🙏🏿 😇

  9. Thanks for these videos, they are super helpful. I was actually struggling big time with getting the RDLs right with my trainer and this captures pretty much everything that I was doing wrong

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