$25 Align Leggings on Amazon?!

Are these similar to Lululemon leggings?


Hawthorne leggings (Amazon):
Colorfulkoala: use code “Kath10” (10% off)


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– Chest: 29 in, 73 cm
– Bust: 35 in, 89 cm
– Bra measurement: 32 DDD (70F EU sizing)
– Waist: 25.5 in, 65 cm
– Hip: 38 in, 96 cm (widest half)
– Thigh: 22.5 in, 57 cm
– Calf: 15.5 in, 39 cm
– Inseam: 30.5 in, 77.5 cm
– Torso: 65 in, 165 cm (measured in a loop)
– Top: 5’9”, 175cm
– Weight: approx. 150 lbs / 68 kg (adjustments on a regular basis tbh)


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Buffbunny: use code “KATHRYN”


Code “KATH2” (2% off 1-2 items)
Code “KATH6” (6% OFF for orders over 3 objects)
Code “KATH8” (8% OFF for orders over 5 objects)
Code “KATH10” (10% OFF for orders over 7 objects)

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CLS Sportswear: use code “Kathrynm” (10% off)

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Yvette (excessive assist sports activities bras): use code “kathryn15” for 15% off

Jed North: use code “KATHRYN20” (20% off)

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  1. Finally! I am so glad you reviewed these! I own probably 10-12 pairs of the Hawthorne leggings and I absolutely love them! I also wear size small but in these I always go XS because they are very stretchy.

  2. love this type of video to save us some money (or maybe spending more on Amazon LOL). I am trying to find the dupe for lulu's align jogger. Anyone find a good dupe🤔️

  3. I love my Aligns and I’ve tried all the dupes on Amazon 👀😭❤️ I love Hawthorne leggings so much! They’re better than ColorfulKoala or Yunoga leggings in my opinion! Closest thing to Align dupes is Hawthorne 👏🏼

  4. Thanks for the thorough review! Literally bought that sage grey pair in 7/8 length because of this review. The seam color now matches the leggings color!

    Edit: Wore it to a light barre class and sweat marks showed on the front crotch (where it folds during lunges, squats, etc). Surprisingly no sweat marks around the waist/back or under bums. I still really love this pair so will wear it for upper body days or hiking!

  5. Do the Hawthorn’s slide down at all? I have BuffBunny Rosa leggings (which I ADORE and I’ve heard they’re similar to Aligns as far as the “second skin” feel, they never slide down or move at all). I just bought a pair of ColorfulKoala (polyester spandex mix) and they slide down just a tad.

  6. I ordered some Colorfulkoala leggings from amazon. I don’t believe they’re the brushed. They’re the buttery soft high waisted 7/8 leggings. Anyway! Thank you for recommending this brand. They fit very nicely and I’ll definitely be ordering more. I always love your reviews. Thank you!

  7. Had never spent $100+ on a legging until a week ago bad experience. I waited 2.5 hours they let other people in the store before me the excuse was the we’re just returning or they just let them in..I could see them shopping by the glass clear window. I was in pjs and I’m Latina the only one that morning. Everyone else look decent. so I went to the car and gave up after 2.5 hours i never felt like this before I was honestly crying told him to drive off. He was really mad and said no we are getting them he went alone and the girls let him and we’re like you don’t need to wait there’s no line…..he still got them for me but i return them a day ago. Oh and how do I know it was a racial thing was because my husband is white. Really sucks because I know not everyone is like that

  8. I ordered a pair of tan Hawthrones because of this review and I’m not sure I agree that the texture is a great Align dupe. They remind me a lot of Balance Athletica’s OG leggings. That said, they are extremely soft, very supportive and flattering (more so than Aligns and Balance IMO) and the tan pair doesn’t have the weird dark stitching thing.

  9. I worked with different online stores , most of them buy stuff from the same factory and print their logo on it. I got two identical leggings , one pair off AliExpress for £12 and one from gymshark for £47 , literally identical !!! It’s all about the cost of marketing that marks up the price

  10. Apart from your stellar, honest and actually useful reviews, I loooooove seeing your cats in your videos 😍 Pinto definitely wants to appear in every video now haha Your reaction when Pinto attacked your lulus was so funny and relatable (I have cats too 😂)

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