A 2/3 Workout Split for Bodybuilders and Physique Competitors

2-3 Bodybuilding Workout Split

Need to goal your shoulders and again? Attempt this bodybuilding workout routine by Amy Tate, a private coach and physique competitor.

Amy Pate isn’t any stranger to bodybuilding and physique competitors. She certified nationally again in 2012, almost closing down her professional card.

Via her firm Hardbody Energy & Health she supplies private coaching applications for aspiring physique opponents, bodybuilders, and people merely trying to make more healthy modifications, from on-line teaching to customized coaching plans.

We requested her to ship over her favourite workout routine, and he or she put collectively this week-long routine that focuses on coaching your shoulders and again specifically.

Right here is Amy to interrupt down her favourite workout routine.

A 2/3 Exercise Cut up for Bodybuilders with Amy Pate

Right here’s a favourite workout cut up of mine with an emphasis on again and shoulders, two physique elements I repeatedly deal with.

It’s primarily based off an previous Ava Cowan workout I got here throughout way back, and I’ve messed round with it a bit to swimsuit my very own functions. I believe Layne Norton has been recognized to make use of this type of cut up, and he could have influenced Cowan’s use of it, I don’t know. I had heard she as soon as educated with him however don’t know if any of that’s true.

Anyway, I like this strategy of a mixed higher/decrease cut up with a 3-way cut up. I swap up the exercises periodically to maintain issues attention-grabbing. This additionally breaks up leg day a bit of bit which makes such a workload really feel extra manageable to me.

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Again is my favourite half to coach, and I like deadlifts. I’m old style in that I prefer to maintain some large energy lifts in my bodybuilding routine, sometimes on the entrance finish. Some bodybuilders and coaches would discourage holding them or advise changing them with rack deads (which I typically do) since conventional deadlifts are thought to make your waist thicker.

2-3 Workout Split for Bodybuilders

I’ve by no means had a tiny waist anyway, so perhaps I’m not doing myself any favors, however I like being sturdy, and deadlifts are my favourite of the large lifts. Can’t appear to allow them to go for very lengthy and all the time return to doing them. I’ve gotten pretty sturdy even with bodybuilding type workouts, so I typically surprise about how I’d do with powerlifting, nevertheless it’s onerous to let go of my bodybuilding methods.

On a associated notice, it’s possible you’ll discover the dearth of shrugs and direct entice work. It’s because my traps get fairly massive pretty simply, in all probability from all of the heavy deadlifts I do. Oddly, and happily, I are inclined to get compliments about my traps, in order that they no less than aren’t like grotesquely overgrown! Nevertheless, I don’t wish to push my luck. Hahaha. However, should you really feel such as you want some shrugs, by all means throw some in.

I do ab work no less than 2x instances per week, typically extra and throw that in wherever it appears to suit greatest, however I prefer to have in the future fully off from any work. With abs I typically decide 1-2 exercises for each higher and decrease abs, perhaps an indirect train and do them circuit type for 3-4 rounds. There may be loads of tools you should use to correctly goal the core and have interaction extra muscle, from ab mats (which I like as a result of they scale back dishonest when doing conventional crunches) and rollouts with ab curler wheel, that are incredible for growing energy in extension. With this workout, I’d do abs on Wed. and Sat or Mon, Wed, Sat. However, you might do them nevertheless you want.

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Once I’ve prepped for contests and gotten nearer to stage time, I might practice 6 days per week, so there could be some changes simply primarily based on which elements I wished to hit more durable…typically hams/glutes or again/shoulders or typically legs. I’ll typically modify reps schemes and use some particular methods like compelled or partial reps or tempo work.

I’m utilizing this workout presently however am constructing again as much as this quantity step by step after a layoff.

As this workout is pretty intense and excessive quantity, I wouldn’t suggest this for inexperienced persons or to bounce into this full bore should you aren’t accustomed to this quantity. Even should you’re an intermediate or superior lifter and coaching fairly intensely already, after all, make certain your diet is satisfactory.

Get loads of relaxation, and construct in restoration intervals. I reduce to a 2 means (higher/decrease physique or a push/pull) cut up 4x per week on occasion for this objective. You’ll come again stronger once you construct in some home windows like this.

Day 1: Higher Physique

  • Pull-ups 3-5×8-10
  • Deadlifts 4×6-8
  • Meadows Row 4×10-12
  • BB Shoulder Press 4×6-8
  • Seated Facet Lateral raises: 4×10-12
  • DB Bench Press 4×12,10, 8, 6
  • Skullcrushers 3-4×10-12
  • Straight bar biceps curl 3-4×10-12

Day 2: Decrease Physique A

  • 1a Leg extensions 4×15
  • 1b Step-Ups 3×10
  • Leg press 4×15,12,10,8
  • Strolling lunges 3×12-15
  • Seated leg curl 4x-10-12
  • Glute Machine 3×12-15
  • Standing calf increase 4×10-12

Day 3: HIIT + Abs work

Day 4: Again & Chest

  • Seated Row with Rope attachment 3-4×15
  • T-bar or BB Row 4×6-10
  • Lat Pulldown 4×12
  • Hammer Energy Excessive Row 4×10-12
  • Straight Arm Lat Pulldown 3×15
  • Incline Bench Press 4×10-12
  • 7a DB Flys 3×12-15
  • 7b Toes Elevated Pushups 3xfail
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Day 5: Decrease Physique B

  • Leg Extensions 4×15-20
  • Again squat 4×6-8
  • RDL 4×8-10
  • Mendacity leg curl 4×12-15
  • Single Leg-Press 3×15-20
  • Seated calf raises: 4×10-12

Day 6: Shoulders & Arms/HIIT + Abs work

  • Facet cable raises 4×12-15
  • DB Overhead Press 4×10-12
  • Rear delt machine or Bent over flys 3×12-15
  • 6-ways 3x fail
  • 5a V-bar Pushdown: 3-4×10-12
  • 5b Biceps hammer curls on preacher curl bench: 3-4×10-12
  • 6a Overhead Extensions 3-4×12-15
  • 6b Preacher Curls 3-4×12-15

Day 7: Relaxation

An enormous thanks to Amy for taking the time to ship this over. You may get in contact with Amy at her web site, Hardbody Energy & Health, and take a look at her vary of teaching and private coaching providers.

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