15 Best Dumbbell Biceps Exercises (GET BIG ARMS!)

One of the best dumbbell biceps exercises are those which can be going that will help you to construct large arms the quickest. On this video, I’m going to point out you dumbbell exercises for biceps that can goal the lengthy head, quick head, brachialis and brachioradialis muscle mass. Whereas it’s unimaginable to isolate any one of many biceps heads from the opposite, it’s doable to affect the activation of every head by deciding on bicep exercises that do a greater job at this.

It begins with the biceps lengthy head. With an attachment within the shoulder joint above the glenoid, this biceps muscle head will get its title due to the longer journey of the tendon. Anatomically, that is the realm of the bicep that sits extra to the skin of the arm. For those who had been to flex your arm and make a muscle, this may be the half that may be seen from behind as if in a again double biceps pose.

It’s the lengthy head that can be most liable for the height. For those who discover that you just don’t have sufficient peak in your arms and are on the lookout for methods to get greater biceps peaks then that is the realm you’d wish to give attention to. One of the best dumbbell bicep exercises for getting the job accomplished listed below are as follows:

Lengthy Head

1. Drag Curls
2. Incline DB Curls
3. Row Curls
4. Waiter’s Curls

The important thing to every of those actions is that all of them do certainly one of two issues. First, they hold the elbow again behind the physique into extension. This locations a larger stretch on the lengthy head and subsequently permits it to be selectively extra extremely recruited and helps to extend activation of the realm. The opposite aspect is that it locations the skin of the arm in a extra seen place should you had been wanting right into a mirror while you did the biceps train.

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In relation to biceps workouts, the factor you wish to keep in mind is that what you see is what you might be coaching. For those who see extra of the skin of the arm as a result of your arm is turned inward, then you will be working extra of the lengthy head of the biceps. Vice versa, in case your arm is turned out and also you see extra of the internal portion of your biceps then you might be coaching the quick head.

Talking of the quick head of the bicep muscle, listed below are the exercises which can be simplest at hitting this space:

Brief Head

5. Offset DB Curl
6. Spider Curls
7. Preacher Curls
8. Seated DB Curl Plus
9. No Cash Curls

All of those have the widespread trait of putting the arm able additional out in entrance of the physique. Additionally they all do an awesome job of permitting for a whole biceps contraction by resisting elbow flexion, forearm supination and shoulder flexion. My favourite of those dumbbell biceps exercises is the no cash curl. You possibly can clearly see the biceps peaks and powerful contraction on the high of each rep and it additionally helps to enhance posture.

Not falling into both of those classes, however slightly having a miscellaneous group of their very own, there are three biceps exercises that manipulate momentum that will help you get greater arms quick.

10. DB Chin / Eccentric Chin
11. DB Cheat Curl (Eccentric Focus)
12. DB Strict Curl

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And at last, again to the muscle groupings to be sure to go away no space of your arms untrained, we’ve the brachialis exercises.


13. Cross Physique Hammer Curls
14. Robotic Curls

These assist to construct wider biceps by creating the muscle beneath the biceps and offering extra girth to the higher arm. Bear in mind to reduce the contribution of the biceps when attempting to construct an even bigger brachialis and you’ll begin filling these shirt sleeves earlier than you recognize it.

Lastly, the forearm muscle that additionally will get checked out and should be skilled for greater arms is the brachioradialis. That is the most effective train for hitting this muscle.

15. Offset Supination Curls

The important thing to get greater biceps is to not really feel as if it’s a must to do all of those dumbbell biceps exercises however to pick those which can be most applicable to the areas that you’re seeing your most struggles proper now. Choose a pair for the quick head, lengthy head and from the opposite two teams and you will notice greater biceps and arms very quickly.

For those who’re on the lookout for a step-by-step workout to construct extra than simply biceps, and wish to develop a ripped athletic physique within the course of make sure to head to by way of the hyperlink under and take a look at the applications. Every places the science again in energy and guides the quick outcomes you will notice from the workouts.

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  1. What is your suggestion for how many of these per muscle region that you do (ex. Long head vs short head). Do you pick one for each group and do 3-4 sets of 12 (less if heavier) or do you do 3-4 sets never doing the same exercise?

  2. Thank you for the instructions, i have a question; can split biceps work out, for example if i work the outer side of my biceps today can I continue working out the other side the other day?

  3. Bicep Workout Breakdown – Easy Steps to Follow for Workout


    #1 DB Drag Curls, Standing, Elbows behind body, up to shoulder, tight squeeze

    #2 DB Incline Curl, Lean on Bench 120•, Curl, Squeeze Tricep at end for better contraction when lifting again

    #3 DB Row Curls Long Head, Use Heavier DB Stand Bend Touch ground and biceps take over halfway, Go fast, Elbows behind body

    #4 DB Waiters Curl – Stand Put DB Straight on Both Hands, Parallel To Ceiling and ground , keep hands flat and take DB up straight and down, ( FEEL BURN)


    #5 DB Offset Standing Curl – Short Head – Short head of bicep showing, tilt hands out elbows out, drop DB in thumbs, twist and curl

    #6 DB Spider Curl – Lean on Bench with Chest 120• and Curl

    #7 DB Preacher Curl – Stand Behind Bench 100• and Curl, can use other hand on bench to hold for better grip, When you squeeze up, make sure hands are parallel with shoulder or going out for better short head gains

    #8 DB Seated Curl – Sit and start curl from thigh and squeeze, elbows out in front of body, curl to shoulder

    #9 DN No Money Curl – Both Hands and Elbows out and curl, extend as much as possible and show short head of bicep


    #10 DB No Strict Curl – Up against wall, no momentum, much more difficult, stand and curl

    #11 DB Cheat Curl – Use heavier weights, use momentum, do one arm at a time, use the downward momentum to lift and power the next curl. Can use back and body to assist along with momentum. Slow it down and control all the way down to bottom and speed it up with momentum as you curl it again

    #12 DB Weighted Chin-ups – Use any type of rope and tie it to a DB and wrap around waist, do chin ups and squeeze biceps. You can also try hanging and try to purposefully slow down the decline (when your biceps give in and start pulling you down).


    #13 DB Crossbody Hammer Curl – Do one arm at a time, Curl, Bring DB all the way across to the opposite arms chest/shoulder and twist forearm so that forearm is facing parallel to the ground

    #14 DB Robot Curl – Essentially a hammer curl, but one at a time and stop mid way with elbows bent on one arm while hammer curling the other.


    #15 DB Offset Reverse Curl – A reverse DB curl, forearm should face the ground as you curl, arms should be straight. Put weigh of DB near pinkies so it forces only bicep use.

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