1 Tip To More Muscle – Find Out How Long Your Workout Should Be

Again for one more entry on the muscle constructing AthLEAN-X Coaching Weblog. This one covers two widespread questions in a single shot. These being…”How do I construct extra muscle quick?” and “How lengthy ought to my workout be?”. It actually comes right down to one thing referred to as Time Beneath Pressure.

Go watch the typical individual understanding within the fitness center and time how lengthy it takes her or him to finish a set. The outcomes may shock you. It takes the typical individual round 20-25 seconds to carry out one set. Now, with exhausting scientific proof that exhibits that that is solely about half so long as is required to construct actual muscle mass quick, it is no surprise most individuals are working right into a brick wall with their outcomes.

Watch this video and ensure so as to add your feedback beneath. How lengthy does it take you to carry out your units? How lengthy does it take you to workout?

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  1. I am very happy to see this old video and see how you and your videos have evolved over time….I'm a beginner but I love to learn in depth about things and consider you to be one of the best sources to gain practical and useful information…when I watch your videos I get excited to go to the gym and apply what I learned from you ….thank you jeff for all the valuable information you gave me
    you are a great person❤❤

  2. I've been subscribed for a while and i love your content but I have a question for the amount of time you can spent in the gym for workouts. Currently I'm working out at least 5 times a week and i spread out my workouts between upper and lower body alternating everyday when i'm at the gym. I've incorporated your workouts and some from as well and alternating from 8-10-12-10 for reps but i'm still spending at least 2 hours at the gym just doing 6-10 exercises (6 is one part of the body, while the 10 is when i add two body parts such as chest and shoulders). I'm between the beginner/intermediate stage and also doing high intensity workouts but my body is not able to keep up some times so i slow down my intervals. Is this a problem and if it is what can i do about it.

  3. Is there an ideal rest time between sets?
    If doing a set that I finish with reps to negative failure, should the whole set still max out at 60s?
    What I mean is if I can go longer than 60s then does that mean the intensity was too low?

  4. @blueleaf1717 most workout forums, body building articles, and muscle building studies suggest a min of 1g of protein/ pound of body weight, and a max of 2g/pound in order to build, fuel and maintain muscle. This should be done with a meal every 2-3 hours
    In order to keep your body in the anabolic state that ingestion of protein creates.

  5. @DeeDank tbh most peoples body doesn't respond very quickly to liftin weights until u get to about 18/19 unless u take drugs n that cos ur body still wants to keep growing up and not filling out yet. just be sure to have protein shakes when u finish working out and creatine and that kinda stuff and u'll be quite ripped in months

  6. @downwithdea i dunno about 22 pounds dude in one year tbh it's more like 2 or 3 years to see that much growth espec if u stay away from roids and that, and just like anything else u shouldnt eat too much protein you should have about 60 – 70 grams throughout the day or u could be putting ur liver at serious risk

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